Dear Parents,

Welcome to E-Learning Portal which is a single platform for parents, students and teachers. Its a single source for students to access all lecture recordings, assignments and study material for their ongoing school education.

It enables:

1. This online software works 24x7, use whenever required. 2. It reduces all the paper work and load work to avoid complexities. 3. Download all the study material and assignments uploaded by teachers. 4. All previous lecture recordings available for student’s revision. 5. Expose your little ones to the world of Electronic Learning.

How to use:

  • After successful Login. On the top right go to the lesson option to view all the lessons covered by the teacher. You can also view the files uploaded by the Teacher.
  • Find the lesson excercises uploaded by the teacher on the top right excercises option. Now after lesson completion students can complete the excercises for the lesson.
  • From the downloads option on the top right you can download all the relative study material uploaded by the Teacher.
  • For any other queries please contact the teacher.

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